मंगलवार, 18 मार्च 2014

Fraternal drop in Holi colors Govindam - Abir Gulal

Badarpur. Social fraternity on the occasion of the holy festival of Holi in Badarpur Moldband Govind Ram Awana Gobindm founder of the trust office Bby Holi Milan function was organized at Govindam. The region's many social, intellectual and Gnyamany are included. On the occasion of Holi, the Traditional Geeto - BINJE Chunrwali eaten in Pdose Xavna Color Color Gold Plate ....... Balam Crave rain lashed the love of white paint .... lashed several songs, including A DJ playing The room with the youth took the audience present and look at each other - Abir, Gulal put together and embrace social solidarity auspicious occasion of Holi Holi celebrated like. All visitors welcome Ram Awana Govinand the color - made ​​by Abir.
   On this occasion, social, intellectual - Jitendra them Basistha, Rinku Sharma, Ram Bhadoria, Atmmaram Panchal, Sanjay Bihari, Uday Mishra, happy-intensive, Khushi Ram Awana, red Mishra, Sanjay Mishra, Sunbeam Awana, Krishna Awana, Awana immortal Mintu Sharma, Jai Kashyap, Bharat Choudhary Fujula Ansari Nitish Tyagi, including journalists, including Manoj Singh and Lal Bihari Lal used by hundreds Gny valid Muud finally Govind Ram Awana Guests wishing thanked everyone who came and requested to drive the demon rupee corruption in society so the society Holly (Holy) can be made.
Presentation - Lal Bihari Lal
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